Neighborhood Guide – 7 Reasons To Move To Santa Clara CA

Imagine oranges growing in your back yard all year round. During any season, simply stretching your arm in the leaves and coming out with a healthy, juicy treat that just so happens to be a great color. If you like this, imagine the reality of living in such a luscious locale. Though it seems like a dream, Santa Clara CA is very much alive with old and young residents who are proud to call the province home. If you have ever considered moving to the municipality and you love oranges, you should really take a moment and keep on reading this blog and give it some thought!

Moving to Santa Clara CA means that you will live in a city that has been ranked one of the best places to live in California as well as one of the safest in the nation. Santa Clarita, CA is the 26th largest city in California. Located about thirty minutes north of Los Angeles, Santa Clara is known for its great public schools and commerce. So, in this blog, we will try to list the top 7 reasons to move to Santa Clara CA.

  • Schools

Public schools in Santa Clarita remain one of the biggest reasons families are moving to Santa Clara CA. The Santa Clara Unified School District serves area students in its 16 elementary, 3 middles, and 2 high schools. The system also has a K-8 site, continuation high school, and an adult education campus. A majority of the schools here have been named California distinguished schools and have received blue ribbon awards. One Santa Clarita high school has even been placed in the top 10 percent of high schools in America. Besides academics, SCV high schools are known for their sports. On the whole, the system educates more than 15,000 students. With an average class size of 30 in all grades, students receive one-on-one attention from professors needed for success. As for post-secondary schools, the Santa Clara University, Jesuit college; Mission College, junior college; and Golden State Baptist are the choices within town borders.

  • Santa Clara Neighborhoods

Twenty-three constituent neighborhoods make up Santa Clara, which is the 48th biggest community in California. As far as an affluent area in town where the upper-middle-class resides, Homestead Road rates high among the wealthy. Many middle-class families with children appreciate living close to the school system on many roads including Steven’s Creek Boulevard, Miramar Way, and Benton Street. While some of the sectors are simply lovely, it is just as important that it is out of harm’s way. Some of the safest areas to live in town are Pruneridge Avenue, Benton Street, and Bower’s Avenue.

  • Employment

With a 6.5 percent unemployment rate, almost two points down from the national average, and 2.67 percent job growth, Santa Clara CA has remained an economically successful sector during the recession. Top employers in the area keep locals working full-time in various industries. When looking to start a business rather than work at one, local merchants partner with the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, an organization that is dedicated to keeping economic development strong in the city.

  • Culture & Contemporary Life

Between the Santa Clara Senior and Teen Center and the Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center, residents of all ages enjoy everything the region has to offer. Aside from government services engaging locals, residents love to play outside at any of the province’s 38 parks. Agnew, Maywood, and Steve Carli Parks are three hot spots to hang out while Reed Street Dog Park is the perfect place to enjoy time with a furry friend. When locals are looking for a friendly game of competition, they frequent the newly-constructed San Francisco 49ers stadium, or if they desire to take a wild ride, they visit California’s Great America, a largely attended amusement park. As for dinner and a show, it’s never a problem in a province that has excellent eateries, theaters, and museums.

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain

Moving to Santa Clarita means being close to Six Flags Magic Mountain – probably the most popular landmark in Santa Clarita. Magic Mountain will be adding 3 more roller coasters this year, including the United States’ first spinning coaster! After the addition of these 3 coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain will regain the “Coaster Capital of the World” crown. Now that’s a lot of moving and motion in one place!

  • Shopping in Valencia, CA

Valencia Town Center continues to adds on designer and chain stores with its new Patios. The mall has over 150 stores, and if you can’t find what you are looking for there, you are bound to find what you need anywhere in the SC. Moving to Santa Clara CA will put you in the middle of it all!

  • Santa Clara Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Santa Clara. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any. Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. It may be one of life’s biggest stressors, but it doesn’t always have to strap you for cash. Moving and saving money is possible if you simply hire our moving company- All Out Moving Santa Clara. We will make your upcoming relocation stress-free and affordable!

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