- This insurance takes affect from the time your items are first handled by All Out Moving & Storage ®, through the drive, until their delivery at the final location. It is basic, covers 60 ¢ per pound, and your belongings are probably worth more.

- For additional coverage, you will have the opportunity to choose replacement or "fair market" value insurance for $50.00.

- The insurance policy is through Progressive Commercial and can be verified through the California Public Utilities Commission's website:

- Full coverage of your belongings is your responsibility to arrange. All Out Moving & Storage ® does not offer full coverage of your belongings.

- All Out Moving & Storage ® takes many precautions to avoid damages to your belongings. In the event damage has occurred, the customer and crew are BOTH required to discuss the matter immediately to determine the cause. - If damage results from a mistake on the part of All Out Moving & Storage ®, every attempt will be made to properly fix the damage, as well as assess the amount of damage. If an amount can be agreed upon between BOTH parties, the matter will be settled immediately upon payment in full.

- If damage occurs and cannot be settled immediately between BOTH parties, the invoice must still be paid in full. At this point a claim will be filed with All Out Moving & Storage ® to compensate for damages. Claims are not valid, per insurance regulation, unless the invoice is paid in full.


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